Fathers Day Gift Guide – 2023

For the man in your life that has always been there for you, treat him will with a Father’s Day gift that he’ll love to use all year long.

From audio products to play his favorite music, to portable chargers for keeping all the electronics running when out on a camping trip – we’ve got something for every dad and he’ll be sure to love it.


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So get that gift TODAY and Delivered fast in 1-3 Days. 


For the Audio Enthusiast

Portable and On-The-Go

Does your dad love listening to music? Keep the music vibes going while on the go with a pair of Alpha Digital Bluetooth Earbuds. Whether he uses them while travelling, working or while in the gym and being, there’s a great pair of earbuds he’ll love to have.

i11 – Bluetooth Earbuds

The perfect gift for everyday use and True Wireless Stereo (TWS) – Great Sound Quality.

Q32 – Mini Bluetooth Earbuds


The perfect gift for everyday use, long battery life, and excellent sound quality.

Q80 – Bluetooth Earbubs


These clip on earbuds offers a superior all day comfortable wear, which makes the perfect gift for those who like to wear them for hours and not be bothered. Great battery life as well.


Available in both black or white

Q23 – Bluetooth Earbuds


These earbuds come with an ear hook design, which allows them to stay secure in the ear – which is perfect for an active lifestyle or sport activities when you want to do some physical activity and listen to music while you do it. They also have superior sounds quality which is top notch.

Home or Office

Does dad prefer to listen to music at home? Then our Internet Radio with Streaming Music is the system to get him. Stream music from his favorite bands and artists, listen to the news and talk radio, or access his favorite radio stations, podcasts or audio books from around the world.

KWS433+ Internet Radio and Streaming Music


  • 4.3 inch Touchscreen
  • 32GB Internal Storage
  • 2.1 Channel Stereo
  • 11 Watt Power
  • Streaming Music APPs
  • Radio APPs
  • Audiobooks & Podcasts

For the Always Prepared Dad

Is your dad one who likes to always have the latest gadgets and always ready and prepared for any situation? Then backup power is the perfect companion for him to have. Whether it’s on a long camping trip, a day at the beach, having battery during a blackout or a keeping your car starting when the battery is dead, there’s something he’ll always be able to use.

T101 – Portable Power Station

  • 42,000 mAh Battery Capacity
  • 100W Max Output
  • 6 Charging Ports
  • 3 Easy ways to charge
  • 1 A/C Plug
  • LED Light with 3 Modes
  • Small, Light and Easy to Carry

SFZD-40 – Portable Solar Panel

  • 40W Charging Capacity
  • 21% – 23% High Efficiency Charging
  • 10-in-1 Connector Charging Port/tips
  • 3 Charging Ports
  • Foldable and Durable
  • Smart Chip Charging Safety

T101 + Solar Panel Combo


Take the best of both worlds and combine them together to get a combination of power that work perfectly together to give you power for any situation.

A10 – Portable Car Jump Starter

  • 10,000 mAh Battery Capacity
  • 800A Peak Current/Cranking
  • Works with 6.0L Gas / 3.0L Diesel Engines
  • Use with All types of Vehicles – 12V Battery
  • Portable Power Bank Function
  • LED Flash Light with 3 modes
  • 2 USB Ports – 1 Quick Charging / 1 Regular

For the Gamer

If your dad loves gaming and happens to own a META QUEST 2, give him an upgrade to his VR headset with a better fitting and comfortable head strap. We got 2 options available that will be a great improvement compared to the standard one. It’s time to make his virtual reality experience even better.

BY504C – Quest 2 Adjustable Head strap with Battery

  • A more comfortable head strap for your Meta Quest 2
  • 8000 mAh Battery
  • 7 Hour additional Playtime
  • High Quality Material and Comfort


Coming Soon – Pre Order Now

MQ3 – Quest 2 Adjustable Head Strap

  • More Comfortable head strap for Meta Quest 2
  • High Quality Material and Comfort
  • Balanced weight distribution

Coming Soon – Perfect for Every Dad

ZL809 – Power Bank

  • 10,000 mAh Battery Capacity
  • Wireless Charging
  • Built-in Solar Panel
  • 4 Built-in Cables for different devices
  • LED Flash Light
  • 2 color options – Black or Black/Orange


Coming Soon – Pre Order Now

A product that every Father will love to have – Whether they are traveling, on vacation or always on the go, keep their phone charged up as well as their other battery operated electronics all day long. This is one of the most useful items anyone can use.

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Remember – we are offering $10 expedited shipping on all products purchased on our store through June 18th, 2023. 

Take advantage of this shipping discount and get your gift for the dad who is always there for his family. 

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