Meta Quest 2 VR Accessories to Upgrade Your Gaming


When you think of Virtual Reality, what’s the first thing that comes to your mind? For some of us, it’s what we’ve seen in movies such as READY PLAYER ONE, where others have actually played with a META QUEST VR system. It’s where gaming is headed and if you love gaming, it’s something you’ll definitely be trying and experiencing soon if you haven’t already.

Virtual Reality is the becoming more and more popular. It’s the next wave in how we all will be playing games and if you are already in the know and own the latest META QUEST 2 VR system, then you’ll know how great and fun it is.

But you’ll also know that some of the standard items that come with the META QUEST aren’t the best in terms of your playing experience – that’s why many people are turning to After Market accessories to improve their game play experience.

As a leader and innovator in consumer electronics, Sungale and its family of brands know that VR is where the future is headed, and that’s why we are bringing a line of VR Accessories to the market.

Our first round of products will include 2 options for an improved VR Headset/strap.


Our Entry-Level model – MQ3 – brings a big improvement over the standard META QUEST 2 headset. Some of those improvements you’ll experience include:

1.) Comfortable and Secure Fit:

Our VR head strap is designed with an ergonomic shape to fit your head comfortably and securely.

It is gravity balanced to reduce the pressure on your face and wrap your head more comfortably to give you more enjoyment during extended VR sessions without any discomfort.

2.) High-quality Material and Durable:

Our VR head strap is made with high-quality materials, including TPU silicone and PU leather, for a soft, breathable, and durable design. It also features a detachable and washable sponge pad for easy maintenance.

3.) One-Click Release Button:

The Alpha Digital VR head strap features a one-click release button on the back, which allows you to quickly adjust the size making it easier to put on or remove – this removes all hassles.  

4.) Improved Weight Distribution:

Our head strap has an improved weight distribution so that the weight of your VR headset reduces pressure and fatigue on your face and neck, which will allow you to play longer and more comfortably than ever before.

5.) Flexible Adjustable Design and Easy to Install:

When you wear the Alpha Digital VR head strap you will notice how easy it is to install and adjust to your head size and shape. 

All that is required is attaching the head strap to the arms on either side of the Oculus headset and insert it as far as possible. 

You can get the perfect fit in just a few seconds.

Learn more about this model and upgrade your game play and purchase one today


Our other model improves on our Entry-Level option by including an 8,000mAh battery that gives your headset additional battery power to last longer and give you that extra time during game-play. Some of the additional benefits include:

1.) Easy to Adjust:

With the ability to adjust the sides of the strap with the adjustable knob, you’ll notice how quickly you can adjust the fitting to your head. The adjustable top strap ensures a secure fit during intense gaming sessions.

2.) High-quality Material and Durable:

The VR head strap’s frame is made from a reinforced ABS plastic, which has a tough build, durability, and drop resistance. 

This material reduces the risk of cracking during use and greatly extends the life of the head strap. 

It can bend over 10,000 times without breaking, and the adjustable 55° hinge design makes it easier to take on or off.

3.) Extended Playtime:

Our best VR Head strap comes with an 8,000mAh battery, which helps to extend your game play by up to 7 hours. This gives you the chance to enjoy your favorite VR games and apps without interruption.

When plugged, both the head strap and quest 2 will charge at the same time.

4.) Battery Safety Protection:

The VR Head Strap has multiple safety protection systems to keep the user safe and equipment in good working condition. 

Protections include:

  • Overheat protection
  • Overcharge protection 
  • Overvoltage protection

The indicator light allows you to check the battery level at any time, making charging a breeze.

5.) Lightweight and portable:

This elite strap replacement has easy installation and an disassembly. It fits perfectly in the official Quest2 carrying case and most carrying cases on the market for easy carrying convenience.

Installing this product is easy – just simply slide the Quest 2 Elite strap into place, which completely replaces the original strap for a seamless transition.

Learn more about this model and upgrade your game play and Pre-Order one today.

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