3 Reasons Why Sungale’s Cloud Frame is the Perfect Addition to Any Home


  1. You can send pictures to your loved ones from anywhere in the world.

Spending the holidays away from your loved ones this year? Using cloud technology, users can upload their pictures to their cloud account and then have them displayed on the Cloud Frame within minutes. Keep your loved ones connected so they never miss out on any of your special moments.

  1. Show off all your favorite photos while hosting your holiday parties.
    If you find yourself hosting parties this holiday season, then the Cloud Frame makes a good conversation starter for your guests. Create a special slide show of your vacation photos or special occasions. Users can even pull photos from their social media accounts like Instagram or Flickr.
  2.  Keep yourself entertained in your home or office.

Not only does the Cloud Frame offer a way to show off your most precious memories, it also comes preloaded with entertainment apps like Netflix, Facebook, Twitter, and more. Stay up to date with all your social media accounts in one device.

Sungales Cloud Frames come in a variety of sizes to fit your needs. There are 7-inch frames that are perfect for office desks and coffee tables. Looking for something a bit larger? We have 19-inch Cloud Frames that can be hung on the walls of your home or office.

Click here to visit our E-Store to purchase a Cloud Frame for you or your loved one!

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