What to expect from the Sungale Internet Streaming Music Radio

There are a lot of ways to play music at your home or workplace, but not all of them sound that great or inspire great confidence in the ability of the APP or media player you are using. That’s why we at Sungale have just introduced our Internet Radio! Loaded with streaming music APPs such as Pandora, Spotify, Google Play Music, Amazon Music, as well as having kws433-7access to more than 18,000 radio stations with the help of radio APPs such as IHeartRadio, TuneIn and Jango; this is one of the most intuitive and complete products on the market!
With a touch screen as well as voice command abilities, Sungale’s Internet Radio is stacked with great features, software and hardware from top to bottom. Starting with 2x3w speakers, super bass subwoofer on the bottom, a smooth and elegant design, as well as a friendly interface, the KWS433 Internet radio is easy to use for people of all ages and is a powerful system in a skws433-1mall chassis. With 8 gigabytes of internal memory storage, you can connect a USB to load your favorite songs, as well as indulge yourself in listening via any music app you may want!
The 4.3” touch screen allows for clear and beautiful pictures while you search for the music you want to hear, and gives up to date information about your location and the weather! Having that useful bit of information displayed when you work in an office or if you setup one of these in your kitchen or bedroom can be something that is nice to know whenever you’re around. A beautiful Internet Radio with a massive amount of options and a great sound… Would you expect anything less from Sungale?
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