4 Spooktacular Ways to Use the Cloud Frame this Halloween Season!

With Halloween coming up, we are sure there will be a lot of picture taking; so make sure you make the most of them for many days to come! Here we show you 4 unique ways to use the Cloud Frame this Halloween season:

1. Halloween Decor

Hosting a Halloween party? You can make your treat table come to life by adding spooky and fun photos onto your frame; your guest will get a real treat out of viewing these photos as they reach for their Halloween goodies.

2. Create a Fall or Halloween Slideshow

With so many photos stored in your camera or phone, you may lose track of all the memories you have—solve this problem by gathering up your favorite photos of pumpkin carving parties  and upload them to your Cloud Frame and create a Fall/Halloween themed album for everyone to enjoy!

3. Share Festive Photos

 After a fun night of taking the kids out trick or treating, you sure to have gotten many photos of them in their Halloween costumes, why not  share them with your family members who own a frame–they’ll be in for a surprise! 

4. Bring the spirit of Halloween into your office

Even when you’re away from home, you can keep the festivities going—upload your photos to your cloud frame and display it on your desk and keep your memories with you all day. You’ll get to see a different photo every hour without losing the festive Halloween spirit!

Are you feeling inspired? It’s time to get creative using your Cloud Frame, your photo displaying options are unlimited! So, get to creating this year’s Halloween themed slideshow, share with friends and the Sungale community. Let us know how you will be celebrating Halloween this year! 

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