Press Release: Alpha Digital KS782 and KS1016


Sungale releases new brand Alpha Digital with models KS782 and KS1016 for focused digital photo frame experience

CHINO, CALIFORNIA (October 17, 2019)Sungale, the consumer electronics manufacturer, best known for pioneering the mass market digital photo frame, is bringing a new twist on its Cloud Frame product line. Since 2015, Sungale has offered a variety of Cloud Frame sizes, offered the ability to share photos remotely, and offered free Cloud Storage with each account. Today Sungale is introducing its Alpha Digital brand Cloud Frame line, bringing a more streamlined experience to Cloud Frame.

While the full featured Cloud Frames have been continuously improved for a better and easier experience, Sungale has seen a rise in demand for simpler, but still modernized frames.

“We received a lot of feedback from our customers since launching the Cloud Frame series on the features that were most important to them, said Brandon Jacobson, Sungale Sales and Marketing Manager. We found that some customers preferred a more simple interface and features focused on photos and videos only.”

 To meet the demand, Sungale is releasing the KS782 and KS1016 under the Alpha Digital Brand, which has a simplified interface so that anyone can easily navigate and enjoy its core features. The KS782 and KS1016 also both feature built-in batteries, so that they may also be enjoyed at home, or you can bring a piece of home even when traveling overseas.

In addition to the redesigned interface and battery, the KS782’s 7” 1024×600 Touchscreen provides sharp picture and will fit perfectly on any desk or shelf, while the KS1016’s 10” 1280×800 IPS Touchscreen shows off impressive clarity and amazing color accuracy from anywhere in the room. They also feature internal storage for better usability even without physical memory, and the KS1016 has 1 GB of RAM for smoother performance.

To make the software easier to use, users can now register their Cloud Frame and unlock cloud functions on the device itself, and only require an email confirmation code instead of registering on a computer or phone. “It was important that we made sure setup required as few steps as possible. It’s a simple device at its core, so users need not worry about a complicated setup.” stated Antonio Abbondanza, Sungale’s Sales Manager.  Without registering, the user can still view local files from Micro SD Cards, photos or videos transferred via USB or a USB OTG flash drive on the KS1016. A “zooming” effect has also been added for a more visually interesting experience when displaying photos from both Cloud Albums and Local storage.

The KS1016 and KS782 are now available through Amazon, Sungale’s E-Store and NewEgg with an MSRP of $99.99 and $156.99 respectively. Both include a charge cable, but the KS1016 includes a OTG Cable for external storage. The KS782 comes in Black. The KS1016 comes in White, Black, and Brown or Wood through special order.


About Sungale:

Sungale has over a decade of being a premier manufacture of consumer electronics with production facilities in Shenzhen, China and as a leading OEM supplier of digital photo frames and other digital products. Sungale’s devotion to cutting-edge technology along with a regulated quality control system produces a superior product line with durability and applicability in mind. Recent and future additions to Sungale’s product lines include: Smart TV Box, Android Tablets, Digital Kitchen Series, Home Security and Surveillance Systems and Digital Signage.

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Brandon Jacobson 
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