3 Ways Smart Kitchen Gadgets outdo other tools in the Kitchen

Smart Devices are everywhere now, but does it make sense to have smart gadgets designed for the Kitchen? Here’s a few reasons ways Smart Kitchen Devices outdo older methods and why you might want one in your household.

1) They're better for viewing Recipes

Traditional Cookbooks vs Smart Kitchen Devices:

Far be it from us to say that cookbooks aren’t great. They’re beautiful works normally, and are great for your collection, but books have their downsides when they’re used in the kitchen.

Better for Recipes

Once books are printed, that’s it. No more recipes until the next volume. The NetChef and Kitchen Screen have  online recipe collections that are updated everyday.  Enjoy changing up you meals and cooking something new!

Built in Cooking Aids

Cookbooks show the amount of ingredients you need for their serving sizes, but what if you want to make more or less? Use built in conversion tools for units to scale the amount of food you make to however much you need.

Easily find your Favorites

No need for post it notes, photocopies or ripping pages out! Save your favorite recipes into the Cloud Storage, and easily organize them into files. They’re just a tap away, right when you need them in the kitchen!

Smartphones and Tablets vs Smart Kitchen Devices:

It seems like Smartphones and Tablets can do everything these days, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t compromises when you try to use it for everything.

Ready out of the box

The NetChef and Kitchen screen have built-in recipes are ready for you without any setup. You only need to select what kind of dish you want to make, then a collection of recipes will appear based on your choice. Other recipe apps only need to be selected to be downloaded.

Quick Access to Cooking Sites

Smartphones and Tablets need to have apps downloaded to be useful for cooking. Sungale Smart Kitchen devices have Popular food apps in the backup list and can be downloaded then accessed immediately. That minimizes setup, leaving you more time to cook rather than prep.

Easier to Read/Watch

The Kitchen Screen is mounted on the fridge and the NetChef is angled for easy viewing on the counter-top. No need for a stand or crane over a flat device on the counter. 

Laptops vs Smart Kitchen Devices

Laptops are great portable devices, but certain traits make them less great for the kitchen.

Difficult to Navigate

Harder to navigate now using Mouse and Keyboard, especially if you’re working with dirty hands in the kitchen. The mobile interfaces found in Sungale’s Smart Kitchen Devices are just faster to use now.

Easily Damaged

Spills and accidents are unfortunate, but they’re even worse when they spill onto and destroy a $1000 laptop. Probably better to keep easily damaged devices out. 

Takes Up Space

Laptops take up lots of counter space, generally above a square foot.  You’ll also likely try to keep space around it free in case of accidents, and moving it around is awkward especially if you need to move a power adapter along with it.

Slow Startup

While boot times are smaller than ever, it still takes time to power up a laptop, open a web browser, search Google for a recipe and find a good recipe website. When you cook everyday, it’s important to minimize 

2) They're Better for Kitchen Entertainment

Radios vs Smart Kitchen Devices

Radios have control over stations, but not what plays on them. Listeners have more control using Music Apps and Online Radios on the NetChef.

TV's vs Smart Kitchen Devices

TVs are a hassle to setup and relocate if needed, and you don’t have much control over content. Smart TV’s are even more difficult to navigate because they tend to have a mobile interface, but old style remote control.

Smartphones vs Smart Kitchen Devices

You have control over content, and it’s relatively easy to navigate, but Smartphone and Tablet speakers don’t offer a very good music experience. Smaller screens on smartphones are also too hard to see while in the kitchen.

Laptops vs Smart Kitchen Devices

Laptops tend to have subpar speakers as well. Designs of laptop components tend to be too compact to have good speakers in them, yet they still take up lots of space on the counter.

3) They're Better Smart Devices for the Kitchen

Smart Home gadgets are now more common than ever, and the most popular one by far is the Smart Speaker. Are they right for the kitchen though? 

Smart Speakers are difficult to reference while working

By nature, Smart Speakers are difficult to use as reference. It’s too easy to miss information since it’s audio only, and telling Alexa or Google to repeat instructions over and over is a hassle while working. Having recipes laid out on a screen is still more practical as a guide.

Smart Speakers are limited in usefulness as a kitchen aid

Again, because of how they work, Smart Speakers are limited in usefulness as a kitchen aid. It’s impractical to use conversion tools for a whole recipe using voice controls. Recipes aren’t displayed using the Smart Speakers either, and Sungale Smart Kitchen Devices are capable of collecting and storing your favorite recipes.

In Conclusion

It’s important in the kitchen that your devices are easy to use while working, and unobtrusive on the counter top. The NetChef and Kitchen Screen offer a more streamlined smart kitchen design and interface. As an entertainment device, the NetChef doesn’t compromise in either ease of use or experience. As a Smart Device, the NetChef and Kitchen Screen show recipes, can guide you through recipes right in front of you, and kitchen tool apps like conversions and timers are just a tap away. Other popular gadgets like Smart Speakers are more general purpose and less suited for the kitchen.

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