Netchef G3 Feature Part 2: Communication Hub

Welcome back to the Netchef G3’s “Top 5 Features” in today’s installment we look at one of the most important features around Communication! This isn’t just important for the Netchef itself, but communication is a massive part of our everyday lives. Whether it is Social Media channels like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter or videos on Youtube, we always want to know what is going on, and how we can stay connected.

Facebook social media NetchefLuckily we at Sungale are definitely on top of what people want and have added the ability into our Netchef to not only have your favorite Social Media channels present and at your finger tips, but also utilizing the Google Play Store to download a plethora of great apps. This allows you to not only get the most out of the Netchef, but you get to keep in contact with your favorite people.Video monitoring elderly

After you are done cooking and washing the dishes, wouldn’t it be nice to chat with someone? Maybe even show them what you cooked and share some advice about your newly found culinary expertise? Well you can with Skype, a preloaded feature on our new Netchefs! You can chat with your best friend or your grand parents about the meal you made, how life is, and basically anything you want to talk about. With a fixed camera, the Netchef allows you to chat away, and even share what you made!
email on netcheftwitter on Netchef

If you don’t have the time for a chat, maybe send out a quick tweet or Facebook post, and if you want a little more you can connect your e-mail to the Netchef and send messages to your family members or respond to a work e-mail while you make dinner or anytime you’re in the kitchen. The Netchef isn’t just an item that can store recipes, it is so much more and is built to make your regular kitchen into a Smart Kitchen.

Stay tuned for the next addition of the Top 5 Features!

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