Press Release: Sungale Brings an Easy to Use and Reliable All-in-One Digital Signage solution to businesses of all sizes.

Sungale Brings an Easy to Use and Reliable All-in-One Digital Signage solution to businesses of all sizes.

CHINO, CALIFORNIA (June 15, 2016) – Sungale, the consumer electronics manufacturer, has made a decision to expand into the commercial and business market with its new line of Digital Signage product solutions. “We have been getting a lot of requests from the market from customers who own businesses in recent years who are looking for an easy to use solution for displaying digital content in their businesses that is reliable, competitive and affordable. We wanted to develop a digital signage solution that gave businesses of any size, an easy and economic way to manage and control digital content in real-time,” Mr. Sun, CEO of Sungale explained. “There are a lot of different companies out there offering digital signage that is extremely costly or claiming to be a digital signage provider, but we developed our all-in-one platform based on specific real world needs and customer requests.”

“We have a variety of options depending on your Digital Signage needs. If having a tabletop solution is needed, we have both an all-in-one 7” and 10” solution, and these are perfect for POP displays, Product information displays and when you are needing to advertise to one person or very small groups at a time,” Brandon Jacobson, Sales & Marketing Manager of Sungale explained. “For those customers who need something larger that has the ability to grab a larger audience’s attention, we carry a 14” and 19” All-in-One solution as well as our TV Boxes for connecting to larger displays and projectors,” Brandon added. Having options that will meet all the needs of our customers is key, but affordability is something that was a concern of ours as well and Sungale has made it a point to keep the price reasonable.

“Sungale’s goal is not just to provide an assortment of reliable product options for those in the market for digital signage. We also want them to know they can get these reliable products without spending most, if not all of their marketing budget. You don’t need to be a corporation with store chains or even a large business to afford digital signage. Our products are proof of that.” Antonio Abbondanza, Sungale Sales manager explained.

In addition to providing an affordable hardware solution, we also are including a complete all-in-one software management platform that will allow you to scale up your digital signage needs affordably for both large and small operations. “Our Platform is built on the Cloud, so control can be done from any computer location with an internet connection and has been built in away to simplify the operation and management” Debbie Zhang, COO of Sungale said. There is a logical operation of managing the platform, which makes it easy to learn. Sungale has also provided detailed prompts for each step in the process to benefit first time user and beginner level experience.

The software management system is a feature rich solution that gives users vast control over how the digital signage can be displayed. You can upload anything from Photos to Videos and even Audio tracks that can be set as the background music to give more information and excitement to your content. Sungale is also rolling out the ability for you to add multiple content folders to each display, so you can organize the content playing in a single display. All the folders will be looped in the order as you have uploaded them, and you can choose to schedule a specific folder to display in the time block you choose. Each digital signage device will automatically be grouped by location, making it easy to manage multiple devices based on cities and states. “Learning the platform quickly is essential, and managing a single unit is as simple as managing 1,000 or more units” Debbie added. With a cost of only $.99 per screen/month, this will be a solution that any company should be able to afford.

  • Powerful Features
  • Easily Managed
  • Easily Expandable
  • Secure
  • Stable
  • Affordable

These are the foundations in which Sungale has developed its all-in-one complete platform solution on. Sungale has made an effort to give its customers the most reliable and competitive system on the market. Working from the ground up, Sungale has built its Cloud infrastructure off of the Google Cloud to make sure to provide the best solution in the market. “Our engineering team has been in development for over a year creating a platform that is simple to understand, easy to use and brings everything you need from a digital signage solution all in one place. Any business that needs to share digital content quickly to any screen or viewing device should look at us for that need,” Mr. Sun said.

Sungale has developed this digital signage platform completely by itself, and owns all intellectual property. Any attempt to counterfeit our product is strictly prohibited.

Sungale welcomes your questions about our digital signage service and hardware. Feel free to contact us at or one of the 2 media contacts below.

About Sungale

Sungale has many years being a premier manufacture of consumer electronics with production facilities in Shenzhen, China and as a leading OEM supplier of digital photo frames and other digital products. Sungale’s devotion to cutting-edge technology along with a regulated quality control system produces a superior product line with durability and applicability in mind. Recent additions to Sungale’s product lines include: Netchef, 3G Tablets, Bluetooth speakers, Bluetooth headphones, children hearing safe headphones, and portable power banks.

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